LGBTQ Relationship Support

with Matt Hunter, LPC

Gay Men’s Relationship Processing Group

This group is offered to adult gay men of all ages who are interested in forming deeper connections with other gay men and who seek to have authentic and affirming life experiences. If you have questioned why your relationships end up the same way, if you feel lonely or empty even when you are with your partner or friends, or if you find you are turning to less healthy alternatives in order to feel secure, then this group can help you explore how you can connect to others on a more meaningful and lasting basis.

This group functions by mindfully exploring real life moments that are troubling and then bringing in real time group reactions to create a deeper awareness around personal assumptions, emotional cycles, and action tendencies that may feel good in the moment but leave one ultimately lonely, scared, disappointed, embarrassed, or in despair.

We all need to feel connected, and our amiable intentions typically stem from that place. This group can help one align one’s internal personal cycle with our primordial need to be more connected. The therapeutic safety of the group allows one to explore where anxieties and defenses get in the way of compassion and vulnerability–the very building blocks of unconditional love and secure relationships.

If you are interested in joining this group, please email or text/call 404-312-1045 (please leave a voice mail). The cost is $50 per session after 1-3 individual sessions to ensure that the group is a fit for your needs and that I understand your world. Currently the group takes place Wednesday evenings at 5:30 at Equality Counseling Center.