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Some Advice about Advice

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What I’ve learned, mainly from running groups, is that people sometimes find advice helpful, and sometimes they find it not-so-nice. So, based on what I think I’ve learned about advice, herein is my two cents on the matter, given with the intention of being helpful and educational. Please keep in mind that you technically “asked” for this advice by opening this post. (You will understand why I state this after you’ve finished reading.)

What is Advice?

Because advice can be a two edged sword, most of what I say about advice is going to have two views—including my definition of advice.

On the one hand, advice can be seen as a kindhearted sharing of wisdom gained by someone who has experienced a similar situation and has handled it well or at least survived it intact.

On the other hand, advice and opinions can also be experienced as invalidating or patronizing…

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Author: Matt Hunter

Specializing in relational and couples counseling at Growing Together Counseling in Atlanta, GA.

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